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Helen Stack-Petit

Naturopathy & Massage

My name is Helen, and I am a certified Naturopath. Do you know what I can do for you?

I can help you identify the reasons why you are not feeling your best and find natural ways to bring more energy back to your body.

A natural lifestyle will help you strengthen your immune system to combat the daily challenges around you.

Naturopathy is a natural way of life to promote both physical & psychological health

Naturopathy helps improve eating habits, find better sleep, manage your emotions and combat stress.

I will help you take an active role in your wellbeing by assisting your body to boost its own natural resources to help you feel better.

I also propose a variety of massages to help you relax, detox and de-stress such as a full body oil massage or others such as the Kobido and the Chi Nei Tsang.

Special Mná prices

 ·         1 hour for a massage of your choice for 50 €

 ·         Naturopathy session : 1h30 for 60 €