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Our Community of Mná na hÉireann has an ambitious mission statement to support and empower Irish women in France thanks to this dedicated website funded through membership and partnership subscriptions and donations.

The Mnáwesome Momentum continues thanks to investing resources and sourcing talent to build and run this dedicated website and empowering members to bring their value to the Community.

Your membership, partnership and/or donation, will seed the future for the next generation of the Mná na hEireann to follow in the steps of the Mná before them. 

Irish women are renowned for their strength and sisterhood – this is our privileged legacy and shoulder to shoulder, it gives us and the Mná to come a bright future.

All donations will be used to keep the company running and to support the Mná through the power of a community.

Let’s keep growing and inspiring the young Mná generation !


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Set up in 2016, Mná na hÉireann is a group of Irish Women in France and abroad.

We aim to stay connected and together under all skies, whether blue, grey or dark. Open ended support thanks to inclusiveness, networking and togetherness drive the shared goals of this Group.

The mission statement of the community is to support and strengthen the Irish in France and elsewhere thanks to our Mnáwesome members known for their diversity, their voice, their age mix, their interests and their willingness to share conversations on relevant topics in France, in Ireland and with the global Irish diaspora.

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